Carolynna (siesta_eterna) wrote in mindgames_ocd,

hello all, I don't know how many of you have heard of this program, but I thought I'd post about it just in case someone is interested...

I found this program online where you can rate your moods/life/stess, or even your OCD symptoms day by day. this is really helpful if you want to figure out correlational aspects of your OCD with, perhaps, stress or even your menstrual cycle (fun! right?....?) Imagine a year full of useful stats like that. Plus, the ability to compare with others around the world (with privacy options available, of course). Another great part of it is that it lays out all the stats out for you, weekly or even yearly, in a nice handy easy to read line graph.

highly highly highly recommended! except, one draw back: costs $15 for its permanent use.

but man... if your at all interested in helping yourself or just wanting to not forget those good and bad days in life, and put a qualitative number to it all... then you all should definitely consider using this service!
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