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hey, all, my name is jessi, i'm 19 from arkansas. [i'm a girl.] i was never officially diagnosed with ocd. i was diagnosed with severe depression in eighth grade and have been on anti-depressants ever since. i have tried serzone, effexor, paxil, and others, until i came to luvox. i have been on luvox for about 4 years now. although i think the symptoms were always there, i started recognizing ocd symptoms in myself a few years ago and began researching it. i came to find that luvox is a treatment for ocd, and my current GP [not the one that i was with when i began luvox treatment] says i am on luvox for depression + ocd, not just depression as i had originally thought. [my parents think they failed to diagnose me with ocd because i was too young and labeling me was not in my best interest at that age.] anyway, the point is, i have done really well on luvox forever. the one time i was taken off of it [i lost my insurance, this was not by choice or doctor's recommendation] i cried for the entire month or so i was off. that was a couple of years ago. recently, i have been having problems with my family and my boyfriend, and my GP put me on xanax as well. the xanax helps me not freak out and cry when i am upset, but the intrusive thoughts i get are getting worse. i don't know if this is related to the xanax or anything, but my GP decided that he wants to take me off luvox and put me on something else because i have been on luvox for so long. i understand this, but i am very nervous because of what happened the previous time i got off the med. also, i am not sure which meds i will be put on. as i said, i have tried several before, and luvox was the first successful one. i have heard that celexa works well but makes people clean a lot and gives them a lot of energy. this sounds perfect to me, and i have never been a cleaner. can anyone tell me how they have been on luvox or celexa? thanks.
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wait so, celexa is a treatment for ocd, and it makes people clean a lot? that's confusing... wouldn't a treatment for ocd aim to reduce habits like those?

i'm of no help to you... i'm on zoloft and neurontin. my ocd symptoms have lessened a tad bit, but i think that's just a result of being in a better mood. and my current psych seems pretty reluctant to put me on anything more. oooooh but, this celexa thing, it's sounds so tempting with it's boost of energy side effect. i could really use some energy.
I was on Zoloft and more recently, Celexa for OCD and anxiety. For awhile the Zoloft worked pretty well, but the Celexa wasn't so great for me. That's just me though , it has worked wonders for another friend of mine for anxiety problems, and since OCD is an anxiety disorder, it makes sense that it could help. But what I found t be the best is Klonopin, which isn't like Celexa really.. it's commonly used for seizeres in epileptic patients, but the doc said it worked well for the onset of an anxiety attack and really helps with all those intrusive, panicky thoughts hat are associated with OCD. It's something you don't take regularly, or daily, unless you feel anxiety attacks that often. Eventually though, they should slow down. But so far whats worked the best for me is Zoloft.

Good Luck.
i've been on luvox for years and it works GREAT for me.


January 15 2010, 10:35:53 UTC 8 years ago

I am Linda Rose and have had OCD for 35 years...I am terrified that I will die all the time. I check so all things are safe so I can sleep, finally. I check the car, block it with heavy railroad ties, and spend hours taking notes on P for Park so it is safe and won't roll. For years I slept in the car so I would maybe check the house less. It takes 10 hours to feel safe and I won't burn, get gassed, or murdered. I see things, too...flashes of bad things, and then I have to check that too. My physical health is not so good because my nervous system is shot to hell. Every move I make is counted. I can't even drink water without counting swallows. I pull my hair out, hear chanting voices over electrical appliances. I live in an old trailer with no running water, no hot water. no refrigerator, no television, and mostly in dim light only. I sleep days and and up and checking and doing shopping at night. I have been hospitalized 40 times in 10 years for OCD. I am completely disabled and have no life, no friends and go nowhere except to shop for food that needs no refrigeration. I barricade myself in my dingy room for days on end with just a telephone and this computer as company. I don't allow myself much, because the more I have the more i check..I'm too tired........I'm just too tired to do so much......please talk to me ....give me some hope.....