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I'm listening to the audio book: the Devil is in the Details. The writer is the first person to describe something called "Scruplosity." I'm also reading about the social constructionism and social control of mental illness which suggests what is labeled as mental illness may be relative or even arbitrary based on who wants to categorize certain behavior in a certain way.

Scruplosity is a condition where one breaks down moral matters into really fine points. To me, this doesn't necessarily seem like a mental illness. I majored in Philosophy and we did a watered down version of that. To me, I have weaved an intricate web of morality, which I'd like to think is a sign of sophsication. Certiantly, one can miss the forest for the trees, but I don't think that alone makes one mentally ill. A lot of people do that. In one of my philosophy classes, the professor had us think about what mental illness is and she asked if being sane in an insane world makes one mental illness.

People who are considered to have scrupolosity are perhaps being stigmatized for being logical. They see the logical conclusions of their morality and they take it far out. Having an analytical mind is more of a sign of great intelligance even genius rather than mental illness. You have to cognitively advanced to think of morality in so many details. Sure, again, it may be unwise, but foolishness alone is not mental illness
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