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hey, all, my name is jessi, i'm 19 from arkansas. [i'm a girl.] i was never officially diagnosed with ocd. i was diagnosed with severe depression in eighth grade and have been on anti-depressants ever since. i have tried serzone, effexor, paxil, and others, until i came to luvox. i have been on luvox for about 4 years now. although i think the symptoms were always there, i started recognizing ocd symptoms in myself a few years ago and began researching it. i came to find that luvox is a treatment for ocd, and my current GP [not the one that i was with when i began luvox treatment] says i am on luvox for depression + ocd, not just depression as i had originally thought. [my parents think they failed to diagnose me with ocd because i was too young and labeling me was not in my best interest at that age.] anyway, the point is, i have done really well on luvox forever. the one time i was taken off of it [i lost my insurance, this was not by choice or doctor's recommendation] i cried for the entire month or so i was off. that was a couple of years ago. recently, i have been having problems with my family and my boyfriend, and my GP put me on xanax as well. the xanax helps me not freak out and cry when i am upset, but the intrusive thoughts i get are getting worse. i don't know if this is related to the xanax or anything, but my GP decided that he wants to take me off luvox and put me on something else because i have been on luvox for so long. i understand this, but i am very nervous because of what happened the previous time i got off the med. also, i am not sure which meds i will be put on. as i said, i have tried several before, and luvox was the first successful one. i have heard that celexa works well but makes people clean a lot and gives them a lot of energy. this sounds perfect to me, and i have never been a cleaner. can anyone tell me how they have been on luvox or celexa? thanks.
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